Rebirth of a poet – The #Khajjiar trek

Sometimes, you just need some time off work, and a good travel plan, to get back in the game.

I travelled to Khajjiar (Chowari Jot Pass to be more precise) with friends couple of weeks back. Whatever I write, can suffice the experience there. Here are some pointers and the highlights from our trek.

Travel: Overnight journey from Delhi.
Best time to travel: March/April – 2 to 6 feet of snow and no honeymooners yet
Food : Good indian food. Dhabas and small shops are available on the way. Hot food in cold weather
Stay: Can be a problem. We stayed in tents made available by our contacts there. There are guests houses too, but tents are the best things to stay in for a great night experience. Starry skies, bonfire and you. Imagine!
Height: 2300m approx.

It’s a must visit if you love mountains and love tranquility.

And yes, I started writing again 🙂

My travel partner: Shally Makin from ROOTS

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  1. Reblogged this on ROOTSVIDA and commented:
    Walking down the hilltop of Khajjiar feels like a fairy tale. This lace bears a topographical resemblance with Switzerland, with its magical beauty it leaves you speechless. The smiles will make you envious and the mountains will make you smile… Take a look you will feel the same!


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