#Rishikesh through 18-300mm – Testing #Sigma

A good lens is a travel photographer’s best companion. Though I’m not a fan of all-in-one zoom lenses, Sigma 18-300mm DC MACRO OS HSM does make me have a second look at the lens.

When I got an opportunity to review Sigma 18-300mm DC MACRO OS HSM, I did what I do best, travel. Over a weekend, I visited the most boring hills (Rishikesh), and what follows below is my experience with the lens en-route.

– Lens locking mechanism comes in handy while travelling
– Metallic body – Well built for a zoom this large, and good for adventurous/rough travellers
– Sharp results – Played with the lens for different types of photography, including events and product, and it worked well in most of the cases
– Fast focus – Sports enthusiasts take note
– Nice range and option – Especially for those looking for an all-in-one lens with their entry/mid level DSLRs (and for those who prefer clicking in auto-mode)

– Weight – If you’re a hiker/trekker like me, chances are you’ll get tired of carrying the lens after a point of time, and/or your wrist will start paining due to weight

All in all, it’s a must-carry lens in case you love travelling and are up for basic/intermediate travel photography.

Below is a gallery of photos clicked with Sigma 18-300mm DC MACRO OS HSM . All photos shown are unedited.

Know more about the lens here.

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