What Shoes Are Made Of – A day at @AlbertoTorresiS Factory

Wear them. Use them. Rough them up. Throw them.

That’s a common shoes’ life cycle. But do you know what goes into making a pair that’s perfect for you? Here’s the process – experienced via Alberto Torresi (In photos).

We met the man behind Alberto Torresi, Mr. Ishaan, and following is the conversation:

A brief by Ishaan: It all started in 1940, but in the year 1969 expanded to footwear industry to cater the domestic market. In the year 1989, a paradigm shift the company ventured into the international market as Virola International. But the roots were enriched in the year 2007, when went to Germany for a year. In the year 2008, studied the market and did lots of research. In the year 2009, started dealing with B2B clients. Finally in October 2010 came up with Alberto Torresi.

Ankit: Do you only deal in luxury shoes?
Ishaan: No, not exactly luxury. We deal in Premium shoes.

Ankit: Tell about your competition?
Ishaan: We do not really have a specific competitor, thanks to the footwear market scenario in India. Our features are a standalone due to our varied ranges in collection, type and concept.

Ankit:  You have 700 sales points. Can you name a few in multi branded outlets?
Ishaan: Why not. We’re available at Reliance Footprints, Shoppers’ Stop, Lifestyle etc. to name a few.

Ankit: What is the major feedback that you’ve received from your online store?
Ishaan: The major feedback which we usually receive is delay in delivering products, which happens mainly due to the lag by delivery companies. We’re the builders, not deliverers, after all.

Ankit: Have you ever thought of working on sports shoes and/or use that technology in your current collection?
Ishaan: Not really, we don’t have requirements for sports tech. as such. We generally focus on formal shoes.

All in all, it was a new experience with a lot of learning. Look up how shoes are created, and you’ll never think less of the how they’re crafted, or people that put the effort behind it.

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