Of perspectives and Sigma 12-24

There are various ways of creating photographs that have a different perspective. One of which, is using an extreme lens that brings about the difference of how the photograph turns out after the shutter is clicked.
Sigma’s 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 DG II HSM Lens is not an extreme lens. But it does come very close to the same, and brings various perspectives to life with its rectilinear focal length, which is a not offered by many others. In addition to this, the lens provides an extreme angle of view.
In other words, try not to have the sun on your back with your subject too close, or your shadow will show itself in the frame and test your patience, and photos.
India gate has been there since ages, and is one of the most clicked architectures of Delhi. Here’s a look at the angle of view this lenses brings about.
2016-04-17 06.21.10 1.jpg
What this lens, like all other wide-angle lenses is not best for, is creating images with blurred backgrounds. The Out of focus details in the background do not get enlarged enough to create a strong blur (like you’d experience in a prime lens).
The Aperture, stated as f/4.5-f/5.6 ranges across the zoom. The aperture shifts from 4.6 as soon as we start zooming in on the subject. Thus, in case you’re planning to go out and click action shots in low light, this lens might not come in handy post 12mm.

Image Quality:
Though a bit softer while zoomed to 24mm, this lens is sharpest in the center of the frame (throughout the focal length) even while donning an open aperture. The Sigma 12-24 delivers soft corners at all focal lengths, but the most-blurry corners are captured at the ends of the focal length range.

Also, at the widest angle, it’s not that hard to get the sun or other bright lights in the frame. The catch? Put the light source (Ex – The Sun) in the corner of the frame and you might see some flare.

2016-04-17 06.21.13 1.jpg

This particular AF implementation is a bit slow, but it is unlikely that anyone would notice this, unless they’re shifting focus from near minimum to infinity and back. Quiet focusing is normal for HSM systems and this one does it well.

2016-04-17 06.21.19 2.jpg

Build Quality & Features:
The overall physical design of the Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 DG II HSM Lens is good. A smooth shape with a wider-but-still-straight built-in lens hood makes this safer and more handle-able. The matte-black finish makes it look even cooler. The barrel of this fixed size lens is plastic and hood aluminum. Compatible to both Nikon and Canon, the rings (raised-rib-rubber coated) are easy to use. The lens’ lightweight and well-sized, making it easy to carry and use for long periods of time.


Good lens for outdoors. Loved the built and experience of using it. Gives a whole new perspective to photographs. Not to be used for action shots in low-light. All in all, a great lens for perspectives, that allows you to click unique shots that otherwise would not have been possible.

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