The Invisible People Series: Rampal Sarangi

He stood there, playing a home-made Sarangi for half-an-hour before a kid came and stood in front of him, followed by the child’s sister. He looked at the child and played to them, with a smile, that would make him a hero for the little one. He stopped playing after some time, but his melody gave hope and happiness to the kid, and to many more around him.

I saw all this, and realised here was this fellow, who played for 14 hours every day, just to sell a few of his creations. He was right there, but we walk right past him. That is, until he starts playing,for as soon as he does, the world slows down, people flock around and the world becomes a happier place, trying to figure out the songs he plays, and get moved by his melody.

Presenting, for the first chapter – Rampal ji. The man who plays Sarangi in Dilli Haat market.


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