Tranquility amongst Chaos | #28Kothi in photographs

Jaipur: Population, 3.1 million.
The Pink City, known for the forts that surround it gets visited by many visitors throughout the year. Even more during peak season. And it does get chaotic. But one place, in the heart of the city, has what it takes to spend the days away from the bustling city.

28Kothi, Civil Lines, Jaipur

A luxury boutique guest house in the heart of the city, it’s isn’t what your expect from the usual luxury hotel. It’s a homely guest house that gives you the most warm and welcoming experience, enough to call you back again and again. And when you hand over the keys, you leave with a set of somewhat nostalgic polaroidic memories that last with all life long.

So here it is. 28Kothi, how I plan to remember it.

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