Foxtrot CyberHub | Quick review

Foxtrot, a restaurant of Khan Market’s fame, opened its latest outlet in DLF CyberHub. We got an invitation to spend a quick evening there to see if it matched our palate.

So here goes the review:

Ambience – 4/5 |
You do get an upmarket, premium feel when you walk in. While the ambiance was too dark for our taste, we are sure it’ll definitely be a far lovely place during the day.

Staff – 5/5
They were perfect. From greeting to conversations around food to discussions on how I wanted to shoot. They were of most help.

These guys, and few others were the most cheerful and helpful lot we’ve met in some time.

Food – 3/5
While we did receive a special menu and everything came right at the moment, for some reason, there seemed to be a mismatch in terms of the expectations and food that was served. We suggest trying it out on your own and making your opinion. We, as a team, weren’t blown away by it.

PS: It looks beautiful though.

All in all, we would say it’s at least a one-time visit.

PS: Special thanks to Manish and Himani, for being a part of this plan and joining for the evening.

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