Tranquility amongst Chaos | #28Kothi in photographs

Jaipur: Population, 3.1 million. The Pink City, known for the forts that surround it gets visited by many visitors throughout the year. Even more during peak season. And it does get chaotic. But one place, in the heart of the city, has what it takes to spend the days away from the bustling city. 28Kothi,…

An evening in Varanasi

No words. Just some photos that give a glimpse of Varanasi as I saw it. I’m sure I’m going back for a more elaborate trip.

The Invisible People Series: Rampal Sarangi

He stood there, playing a home-made Sarangi for half-an-hour before a kid came and stood in front of him, followed by the child’s sister. He looked at the child and played to them, with a smile, that would make him a hero for the little one. He stopped playing after some time, but his melody gave…

Of perspectives and Sigma 12-24

Sigma’s 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 DG II HSM Lens is not an extreme lens. But it does come very close to the same, and brings various perspectives to life with its rectilinear focal length, which is a not offered by many others. In addition to this, the lens provides an extreme angle of view.

The #Triund #Trek

Known as the Crown Jewel of Dharamshala (Located at 2,842 Metres), Triund is a popular trekking spot which provides a majestic view of the Dhauladhar mountains and Kangra valley.Here is my experience of this ‘Must trek to’ destination.

#Wanderings – The Mountain God

There was a man, a man who had the power to create. He created the mountains, the rivers, the winds, the rains. They called him heartless, for he never talked. People would come and go, but he would stay on top of his favourite mountain, building landscapes out of nothing. They called him heartless, for…

Capturing #Night

Those who have not experienced the night, have experienced only half of the life. Here are some shots that bring out one of the beautiful moments of the nights. Do share your thoughts in comments. Would love to know your thoughts about these photos. 🙂  

What Shoes Are Made Of – A day at @AlbertoTorresiS Factory

Wear them. Use them. Rough them up. Throw them. That’s a common shoes’ life cycle. But do you know what goes into making a pair that’s perfect for you? Here’s the process – experienced via Alberto Torresi (In photos). We met the man behind Alberto Torresi, Mr. Ishaan, and following is the conversation: A brief by Ishaan: It…

#Rishikesh through 18-300mm – Testing #Sigma

A good lens is a travel photographer’s best companion. Though I’m not a fan of all-in-one zoom lenses, Sigma 18-300mm DC MACRO OS HSM does make me have a second look at the lens. When I got an opportunity to review Sigma 18-300mm DC MACRO OS HSM, I did what I do best, travel. Over a weekend, I…

A skirty affair – The runaway bride

She had evolved, to the queen of hearts. She grew bolder and loving with time, and many came to ask for her hand. She refused, till she could not any more. So what did the princess do? She flew away on the wedding day, in the dress that was loved by all, away from the…